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Winter Trail Champions
Andy Niles & Gary Brown
April Tournaments
Central Arkansas - Cypress Creek 4/16
Central MS - Ross Barnett 4/16
East MS - Aberdeen 4/16
East Central MS - Gainsville 4/23
East MS Couples - Columbus 4/10
NE Mississippi - Pickwick 4/9
NW Mississippi - Baysprings 4/16
SE LA -  East Pearl 4/9
April Winners
Pickwick - Youth -  Andy & Calton Anderson 16.64lbs
East Youth - Trey & Lilly Ramsey - 18.62 lbs

2012 Mississippi Offshore Fishing Tournaments

When it starts to heat up along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, out of storage come the boats and up go the saltwater tournament banners. Besides more than a dozen small CCA tournaments and fishing club events, there are many huge competitions with millions of dollars on the line for professionals and talented amateurs alike. Grab your calendar and look at whats in store for 2012.


The folks over at Gorenflo's Tackle, located at the historic old Point Cadet Marina behind the Isle Casino, start off the tournament season with a bang. Their 26th Annual Cobia Tournament is set this year from May 4-6. Last year's event had a great turn out and some $100,000 in prizes was up for grabs. It should be remembered that the long-standing MS Cobia record, of 106.8-pounds, was brought in back in 1996 at the 10th Annual Gorenflo tourney. For information on how to register, call 228-432-7387.

Amateur Hiking Trails Within the Great

Amateur Hiking Trails Within the Great Smoky Mountains   by Corey

in Outdoors / Climbing    (submitted 2012-01-17)

The Great Smoky Mountains receive their title through the all-pervasive fog which soars across the intensely wooded mountains. The Smoky Mountains are located in Tennessee and North Carolina. These particular mountains really are a back country nirvana, with possibilities for any selection of sporting and fun-based activities. Backpacking is a wonderful way to get within the hills to investigate and observe wild animals and wild birds along with the amazing mountain panoramas. Should you be in the beginning stages as a walker and look at yourself as an "amateur", there are several incredible hiking trails which help bring you securely to the hillsides as you develop your ability.

Australian Bream Fishing Tournament Bream Fishing

Bream fishing in Australia is becoming huge, from its humble statue the bream is fast becoming an iconic fish in Australia. The bream fishing I am talking about is known as bream spinning as it is done using lures only, on light 2 to 4 kilo graphite rods with spin reels.

The explosion in this style of fishing has lead to a very healthy tournament scene not unlike the American bass fishing scene.Employing nearly an identical format to that of the US bass scene. Anglers are paired together on a boat and are allowed 7 hours to go out and catch 5 bream, they are then brought back to a weigh master, who weighs the five fish together and the angler with the heaviest bag of bream wins the tournament.

Bahamas Fishing Only 50 miles off the coast

For the time of your life, follow the dotted lines...

Before we go any further, let's get something right out in the open. From Thanksgiving Day to Valentines Day, the rich waters surrounding the islands of the Bahamas hold more trophy wahoo than anywhere else on the globe. It's for this reason so many who appreciate these mysterious fish, end the year crossing the Gulf Stream to take full advantage of the most prolific high-speed trolling found anywhere on any chart.

This late in the year, crossing the 'Stream can prove a bit precarious when faced with uncooperative tropical winter weather, but I promise you getting bounced around for a few hours will be well worth the reward. That is, if you savor coming face to face with one of the fastest and most aggressive killing machines in all the world's oceans. Over hear on the other side, we're talking ten to twenty fish days with respectable wahoo averaging 20 to 40 pounds, not to mention the possibility of monsters twice that size a real possibility.

Bass Fishing Tournaments 3 Tips To Encourage

If you have never gone bass fishing or in fact been fishing at all in a long time, you should think about participating in a bass fishing competition and give way to your aggressive spirit.

If you want to be recognized in your fishing skills and maybe win money by way of the prize you should take part in a bass fishing challenge. It is not difficult to find a fishing area that has a lot of bass fish in it and where such a tournament in being held. If you find this interesting you could participate in the competition.

For any angler, a contest is a way to challenge his skills and to know his own capabilities as far as bass fishing is concerned. So keep abreast of bass fishing competitions in you area and join up with them. This is sure to give you a lot of thrills and the recognition that you deserve with your skills.

Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing tournaments can be very fun and great for kids too. I have been fishing in bass tournaments with my son fro the last 5 years and we have had a great time. This article will talk about the advantages of joining a local bass club and entering some tournaments with your kids.

The greatest day of my life...

I will never forget the experience of seeing my 13 year old boy fighting a 4 pound large mouth bass in our first bass tournament. We finished in last place that day, but in my eyes we won 1st place and have had many million dollar experiences since that time on lake together.

So, what does it take to get started in competitive bass tournaments?

Biggest Walleye Fishing Tournaments

There are tournaments for all types of fishing, especially for the species that are most popular among anglers, which is why you'll find plenty of walleye fishing tournaments, especially in the northern United States and in Canada. Especially in Ontario, where there are infinite locations to fish for walleye, you'll find a number of tournaments in which to participate. Don't worry if you don't get in on one of the big ones; there are plenty of smaller tournaments where you can get your feet wet as a newcomer or amateur that may even be better as a starting point, with fewer competitors equaling a better chance at one of the small prizes.

A large amount of these walleye fishing tournaments take place in Northwestern Ontario. For example, on Rainy River in Emo, Ontario, you'll find the Emo Walleye Classic, taking place usually in late May. This is a catch and release tournament that offers somewhere in the neighborhood of $36,000 in prizes. Around the same time, you can visit Red Lake and partake of or simply observe a very special tournament. The Angler & Young Angler Walleye Fishing Tournament targets those under the age of 18 who enjoy fishing and aspire to become competitive anglers. This gives them a chance to work with friends and family to compete in a real tournament that can give them experience for the future. Other sessions are held toward the beginning of July at Wabigoon Lake near Dryden and at the Lake of the Woods in the Kenora area in mid August, allowing youths an additional opportunity to participate in walleye fishing tournaments.

Cape Town Hiking Trails

Premium hiking sites abound in the Cape Town area and can be done independently or with a qualified guide. Hiking with a guide will give you the opportunity to learn more about the diversity, density of the fynbos vegetation, birdlife, ecosphere and natural history of the region. The Cape Floral Region is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its status as one of the richest areas for plants in the world. Despite representing less than 0.5% of the area of Africa, it is home to nearly 20% of the continent's flora. This world heritage site displays outstanding ecological and biological processes associated with the Fynbos vegetation, which is unique to the Cape Floral Region

Carp Bait Flavours That Make

Think about it - how can you exploit flavours uniquely to catch more fish? These unusual answers will surprise you and will describe the kinds of unique details that do not necessarily make bait companies any money; but they will definitely open your mind and empower you to catch more fish!

We can all catch more fish by exploiting flavours but flavours are such an incredibly diverse array of substances and they are certainly not just limited to concentrated or natural flavours, essential oils or nature identical flavour components. I was asked this by someone the other day because he had been using a Rod Hutchinson mango flavour in his homemade baits and found that he caught a 5 to one ratio of mirror carp compared to common carp in his lake in spite of there being 5 times more common carp in his lake.

Carp Fishing Books That Seriously Improve

Carp Fishing Books That Seriously Improve Your Big Fish Catches!   by Tim Richardson

in Outdoors / Fishing    (submitted 2011-09-07)

If you are like most anglers or even parents of anglers, then around your thought are on fishing and presents. But what to buy? What will have the greatest impact on the satisfaction and enjoyment and actual fishing results of a person? Education is the answer, but real life experiences are the most exciting and informative when put down in words; so read on now!

Fishing is like a drug; as in the more fishing you do, the more you want to go fishing. It is like a growing need for more and more. This feeling can be surprisingly strong whether you are in a stage of great success or consistent failure. In fishing you know that time is on your side and that eventually, given enough learning, refinement and practice you will achieve all your goals. But to actually achieve your goals you need material that motivates you!